No two people are identical.

We all have different lives and habits. Unfortunately, in this 21st century, the environment in which we live, what we breathe, what we eat, and our professional, social, sportive (or sedentary) activities affect us positively, or rather, negatively.

How many times have we learned of someone's death without understanding it... «if he had a healthy life«.  What is a healthy life? For many they are: not smoking, not drinking, exercising... If were was only that.

Remember the expression «We are what we eat» to which we can add «what we breathe and what we drink«.

Genetically, we are all predisposed to various diseases. One will be more predisposed to a neurodegenerative disease, another to obesity, another to infertility... However, a disease does not develop without other developmental factors. These factors are in your life habits. At DeltaO2, we can provide you with your TellmeGen Health Map that gives you your genetic predispositions with a simple saliva sample.

At DeltaO2, before offering you any service or product, we study your lifestyle, your good and bad habits. Every advice and solutions provided will be personalized. Also, and it is optional, we can determine your genetic predispositions, which would allow you to focus your habits to avoid certain diseases that could really affect you.

We are not the ones to ask you to stop bad habits, but we will inform you about the consequences they have in your body.  At least knowing what kind of damage they can cause, we will recommend you natural «tools» to protect yourself and avoid this damage.

However, if you can decrease your bad habits and increase the good ones, you will already be on the road to wellness.

One of our biggest problems today is that, thanks to our health care system, unconsciously, we do not take care of ourselves because if we get sick, there is social security. Medicines will be able to cure us and they will not cost us anything.  Thanks to this present age, we have this social security. However, if we only know our body, our food, our air and that we act positively, we will be able to avoid many diseases. Medicines will be able to focus on what is really important and unavoidable.

DeltaO2 offers preventive solutions and helps to achieve a better quality of life in the face of certain chronic diseases.

To help you reach your goals, we will monitor you for 3 months, not only to motivate you, but also to analyze your progress. You will be able to download tools that allow you to monitor your physical activities, your sleep, your water consumption and also to control your food by knowing what you are consuming. We will inform you about the air quality (as far as it can affect us) and we will give you personalized recommendations.

Your wellbeing is in your hands, you only have to act.

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