Although low-pressure hyperbaric chamber oxygenation has no significant contraindications, it is important to be cautious when measuring the user's fitness to start a session. That is why a few basic questions need to be asked.

First of all, in a situation of discomfort, the person must be able to tell the person in charge to stop. Never open the Zip before the pressure returns to zero. An emergency valve allows to lower the pressure in less than 30 seconds from the inside.

The first two important conditions are :

• If you don't have a stuffy nose because of sinusitis, of course, try to breathe oxygen comfortably.

• And because of the pressure change, just like in an aeroplane, people with sensitive ears should be monitored while the pressure reaches its stability of 30 Kilopascal (kPa). It is not recommended for people who have had ear surgery.

• Another obvious condition would be claustrophobia. Not everyone can cope with being in a completely enclosed environment for an hour, even if the space is large and open with windows.

Absolute contraindications are :

• Fever of unknown origin,
• Pregnants and infants under 3 years of age,
• Epilepsy without adequate medication,
• Also who has a cardiac arrest prior to 2009. The device will not withstand the pressure.
• and the intake of some drugs such as Disulfiran, Doxorubicin, Cis-platinum, Mafenide acetate.

For the following cases, it is best to consult your doctor before starting the sessions:

• Neumotórax,
• Enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica,
• Neumonía por Pneumocystic carinii,
• Infecciones respiratorias superiores,
• Trastornos convulsivos.

The most common adverse effect is middle ear barotrauma, which means an inflammation of the eardrum, caused by pressure changes. This may occur at pressures higher than our own, which corresponds to a maximum of 4 metres underwater.

Another undesirable effect, but much less frequent, is neurological oxygen toxicity, which has an incidence of 1/10000. This can also occur at high pressure (which is not allowed with our machine) and if the time limit of 90 minutes per session is not observed (we recommend sessions of 60 minutes) and at the most once a day for the first 5 sessions...

Then we recommend doing one session per week.

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