Our body is composed of 60% to more than 70% water. It is the body fluids in which our cells live and where the exchanges between cells and blood (or lymph) take place. We have to renew it constantly and it is a daily habit of life.

All the activities we carry out throughout the day use up water from our body and it is therefore necessary to replenish it in order to maintain good hydration. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the recommended fluid intake from the age of 14 should be 2.5 litres per day for men and 2 litres per day for women.

In reality, the amount of water you need to drink depends on your weight, climate and physical activity.

Water is not only provided by what you drink, but also by food (between 30 and 20%). Diets rich in fruit and vegetables will provide much more hydration than fast food.

Our alkaline water:

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Consuming MONCHIQUE water ensures an optimum pH of the body and, consequently, will help us to prevent illnesses and enjoy good health. Monchique water will allow us to deacidify the body, but it also has countless health benefits, among which are the following:

Detoxifies our internal organs,

such as the liver or the colon, helping us to regulate our digestive process and reduce constipation problems.

Hydrates our cells

and keeps them healthy, providing more oxygen thanks to its alkaline pH and improving the immune system.

Neutralises the stomach acid

It is therefore 1000 times more effective than neutral water with a lower pH.

Helps to treat allergies

Most of it is generated by excess acidity and helps to prevent diabetes.

In silicon-rich water,

an essential element for healthy bones and cartilage, skin, brain and blood vessels

Prevents against cancer,

because by maintaining an oxygen-rich level in our body, it makes it more difficult for tumour cells to grow.

Nature offers very few natural sources of alkaline waters. Most commercially available alkaline waters have been treated in industrial processes or have had minerals artificially added.

Monchique water comes from one of the few alkaline water springs that nature creates, located in Portugal. It is a water with one of the highest pH levels on the market, pH9.5.

Today, the scientific community agrees on the vital need to increase bicarbonates in the blood. An insufficient amount of bicarbonates in the blood reduces the body's ability to neutralise and eliminate the excess acid produced by our body due to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking, alcohol, pollution, the main cause of premature ageing, fatigue, slow recovery, many of the diseases we suffer from and many injuries in sportsmen and women.

Scientific publication:

In vivo antiaging effects of alkaline water supplementation

Where they show that daily consumption of alkaline water (with a minimum pH of 9) not only balances body pH but reduces unwanted bacterial growth, induces bone remineralisation and thus prevents osteoporosis, reduces the appearance of tumours and prevents cancers as well as complements treatments. This is explained by its action in helping to increase our antioxidant enzymes which we lose with age and thus control oxidation of the body and its consequences on numerous chronic and neurodegenerative diseases. It also has an effect on telomeres (the end of DNA chromosomes, markers of healthy or unhealthy ageing). Alkaline water increases the concentration of telomerase, an enzyme involved in telomere lengthening, which decreases at acidic pH.

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