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  • HP1501-75 – 1.5ATA:      35.000,00€*
  • HP1501-90 – 1.5ATA:     40.000,00€*

* VAT included, so all components (capsule and COMBI system with compressor, oxygen concentrator 10L/min, and dehumidifier), ready for operation. Some options, please consult us.

The HP1501 rigid, recumbent models which are distinguished by their diameters of 75 and 90cm.


Hyperoxygenation of tissues and body fluids whose benefits are:

  • improving well-being and sporting performance,
  • optimisation of the prevention and/or improvement of chronic or neurodegenerative diseases in which the development factors are inflammation, oxidation and hypoxia. This makes it possible to recover a quality of life. These are the same factors that are found in injuries and as the hyperbaric chamber regulates them, it accelerates recovery.
  • It is designed for both professional and individual use, as it can be operated, entered and exited by oneself, without any locomotor problems, without any help from anyone.
  • Visual contact with the outside through the wide door/window as well as communication by intercom.
  • The interior is equipped with an LED light that is switched on from the inside by the user.
  • These two advantages reduce the possibility of claustrophobia.
  • It has a digital display board where time, pressure, O2 concentration and temperature are controlled. So the device can communicate with the inside.
  • It is very silent.
  • No oxygen consumables are needed. It is the concentrator that supplies it at +/-95%.
  • Dimensions : HP1501-75 : 225 x ∅75 cm and HP1501-90 : 225 x ∅90cm
  • Pressure: 1.5ATA.
  • Material: Epoxy painted steel, polycarbonate window.
  • COMBI System:
    • Dimensions: 58 x 42x 56cm
    • Weight: 60kg
    • Air: 73 L/min
    • O2: 10L/min
    • O2 concentration: 95%.
    • Power: 1000W.
  • Certificates : ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO13485 - CE.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Delivery : 30 days (for faster delivery, please contact us).
  • Installation: consult us.