Our well-being can be physical or emotional, but in both cases we can only achieve it by restoring the body's natural balance:

4 important imbalances are triggers for many diseases:

  • hypoxia/hyperoxia
  • free radicals/antioxidants
  • acids/bases
  • Omega-6/Omega-3

Today, it is impossible to facilitate these balances with the food and beverages we find in the usual (super-)markets. For this very reason, the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and many chronic, neurodegenerative diseases or cancers has skyrocketed in recent decades.

First of all, we eat to nourish ourselves, i.e. to provide the nutrients needed by the body (our cells), both for their functioning and for their protection.

Processed food loses its nutrients and gains in additives, some of which can be dangerous.

Natural food: fruits, grains and vegetables, meat and milk or dairy products lose their nutrients and gain in pollutants. Most crops use unnatural fertilisers and most animals are born, raised and eaten in unnatural conditions, with hormones and antibiotics injected into them. On the other hand, if we manage to eat natural foods rich in nutrients, preparation and cooking is of utmost importance in order not to lose them.

From this observation many researches have shown and demonstrated the damage that is done to our bodies and how it leads to the development of diseases. However, medicine remains curative and does not teach us how to prevent.

It is in this context that we at DeltaO2 have developed the global concept of nutrition together with oxygenation and hydration.

Why is it important to oxygenate? Let us remember the importance of oxygen. We cannot live for 3 minutes without oxygen. Not only do we breathe for our whole being, we breathe for each of our cells. Are you sure that oxygen you’re breathing reaches to every cell? I assure you that it is not. If you were born and still live in a city, if you are over 40, if you have a sedentary and/or stressful life, I can assure you that you are lacking a lot of oxygen. It causes your cells to lose energy, and so you lose potential action, but also potential protection. That is hypoxia.

The only way to solve this problem is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hyperoxia). Simple, non-invasive and without side effects, this therapy, in addition to providing oxygen and energy to the cells in need, supports the immune system, increases regeneration (cellular, vascular, molecular by controlling free radicals), controls and limits inflammation, especially the silent inflammation that acts throughout the body and brain, limits acidity and facilitates pH balance.

Nature has created us to live in harmony with it, our balances would be very well maintained if we lived with it. However, our life has become very artificial and we live with an environment that has never existed on Earth before a few decades ago. I have already mentioned our food, but we are attacked by several invisible aggressors: radiation, stress, lack of control of our biological rhythms, luminescent screens... all these increase our production of free radicals which until then could be controlled by our endogenous antioxidants (those manufactured by the body) and those carried by our natural diet. Now the imbalance is so important in favour of free radicals, which accelerates our ageing by damaging our cells (in their lipids, proteins and DNA). With hyperbaric oxygen therapy we will strengthen our endogenous antioxidants, but what about those we need in our diet? It is important to know that there are many different exogenous antioxidants (vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, flavonoids and lycopene) and that we cannot be satisfied with just one. We need them all because they act either in different parts or against different free radicals). So what is important is variety and quantity.

At DeltaO2 we recommend choosing the most ecological products guaranteed to be free of pollutants and rich in antioxidants in your diet, but knowing that they are rarely available and quite expensive, we offer to make up for the shortcomings with Mistify.

With Mistify, SYNERGY provides a concentrate of antioxidant substances from 11 super-antioxidant berries such as theBrazilian Açai, which is far superior to other berries. Every day, one or two spoonfuls (depending on the antioxidant richness of your diet). I mix it into my yoghurt or kefir every breakfast.

The second important balance is that of pH (acid-base) levels. It is related to the body's ability to detoxify itself. Taking care of body fluids, filters (kidneys, liver, lungs), and limiting the acidification of the body (which increases with stress, intense physical activity, pollution or an unbalanced diet). Knowing acidic foods, reducing them and increasing alkaline foods and drinks is a first step. Again, this is not easy in today's world. That is why we at DeltaO2 provide highly alkaline water and our Phytolife from SYNERGY. It is pure liquid chlorophyll. The benefits go beyond and are complementary to pH regulation.

Another important and less known balance is between Omega-6 and Omega-3 (and mainly EPA). Omega-3 EPA comes essentially from fish oil, as does DHA. Most fish are not wild and those that are (especially the larger ones) are often contaminated because unfortunately seas and oceans are polluted. So we eat little fish, rather poor in omega-3 and rich in heavy metals and mercury that are harmful to our bodies.

On the contrary, Omega-6 is everywhere in our food on a daily basis. So much so that the Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio exceeds 1/20 when the healthy balance is between 1/1 and 1/4 maximum. Why is this so important? BecauseOmega-6 develops a pro-inflammatory hormone and that is everywhere in our body as Omega-6 harbours in all our cells including neurons, causing neuroinflammation. Omega-3 EPA is the molecule that prevents Omega-6 from generating the pro-inflammatory eicosanoid. It is necessary to supplement it every day and in a significant proportion if you do nothing to reduce your omega-6 intake (present in almost all oils, even those that claim to be rich in omega-3, such as walnut oil, for example). SYNERGY has developed an OMEGA-3 of the highest quality with an oil that originates from the richest wild anchovy fishing area in the world, off the coasts of Chile and Peru, free of pollutants.

For all these reasons, we at DeltaO2 recommend you our new WELLBEING KIT which includes 10 sessions of hyperbaric chambers, a bottle of Mistify, a bottle of Phytolife, and a bottle of Omega-3.

  • Mistify (730ml, 48 days)  – 54€
  • Phytolife (730ml, 97 days)  – 39€
  • Omega-3  (60 capsules, 60 days) – 42€
  • 10 sessions (60min, 1 once a week) – 180€

Total, individual: 315€ - KIT PRICE: 250€ (you save 65€).

If you calculate what the nutritional supplementation is worth, it's €2.23 per day to restore your balance and protect yourself. And if you have already done your first 5 sessions in a row, with this WELLNESS KIT voucher, the hyperbaric chamber will cost you 11.50€/week. .