Another way to breathe...

Breathing oxygen in a DeltaO2 hyperbaric chamber is a healthy lifestyle that acts on WELLBEING, PREVENTION and RECOVERY, so it is adapted to whoever wants it. However there are some contraindications or at least points to analyse before the first session.

These sessions are particularly suitable and recommended for:

Healthy persons

Persons with health problems  (with prescription from health professionals).

We must warn that it is not a miracle cure. It is science and it works. It is therefore necessary to respect a protocol that is personalised to each person according to their needs and their state of health. Therefore, at DeltaO2 we take the time to study your case before the first session with an interview, and we ask you to fill in a form that will allow us to advise you in an optimal way.

Those who have followed the prescribed protocol have always felt better. Some have had their lives positively changed. They have understood the philosophy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and have been coming every week for months or years.

For more information, contact us by whatsapp at 638 15 35 85.

If you are a doctor, dentist, plastic surgeon, physiotherapist, wellness centre, spa, gym, or trainer... and you want more information or maybe you want to collaborate with us, contact us by whatsapp at 638 15 35 85.

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