DeltaO2 is a centre that takes care of your wellbeing nurturing your cells with the supplies that make them live and work: the OXYGEN, WATER and NUTRIENTS.

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Consciously, we all eat, and drink (although it does not mean that we nourish ourselves, nor hydrate ourselves). But unconsciously, we breathe, and likewise, it does not mean that we oxygenate.

Few decades ago, for the first time in the history of the planet, man has polluted the air, water and land... our sources of life. Our body has yet to adapt to this and our rather artificial living habits make the situation worse. We risk our body, unknowingly, to a situation of chronic inflammation, or silently as others say, and we constantly increase its oxidation. These two states are the basis of discomfort leading to many chronic diseases. At DeltaO2, we give you the natural tools to preventively fight against these negative effects on your health.

As air pollutants rise, many pulmonary alveoli become clogged and reduce the OXYGEN/CO2 exchange capacity. In Spain, based on estimates from the National School of Public Health, pollution has caused the death of 93,000 people in a decade. Studies show that as adults, we lose 30 to 50% of our lung capacity (and worse with tobacco).

Many do not know exactly what is the function of OXYGEN in our body. It is known to be indispensable, vital, but how exactly does it act?

The energy production of our cells takes place in the mitochondria, where nutrients are converted into energy. The energetic nutrients are Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids. We also need Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, etc. However, no nutrient can be converted into energy without oxygen. Oxygen is what is called COMBURENT, while nutrients are the FUEL. To understand this, we have to consider a lit candle where the wax would be the nutrient and the oxygen the comburent. We cover the lit candle. Although there is a lot of wax left, the oxygen is just consumed and the candle is extinguished. Without oxygen our body cannot function. That is why we cannot live even 3 minutes without oxygen.

However, the issue of nutrition is still of paramount importance. Since before the second war, there was no such thing as "bad food"... people ate natural, non-industrialized products, without plastic containers or anything else. We did not heat them in the microwave. Dozens of years ago our food has lost its NUTRIENTS and has become even more dangerous with certain additives. Also, the way we eat, the way we cook, have changed a lot.

On the other hand, even if we try to eat well by choosing very organic products for example, are you sure that their nutrients reach the cells well? Depending on our lifestyle, our polluted environment, our level of stress, there are more and more obstacles between the source of nutrients (or oxygen) and their arrival at the cells.

What DeltaO2 proposes is to help you to lift all these obstacles and to reach your best well-being.

As food does not provide us with all the nutrients we need every day, the need for food supplements has become imperative but there are so many products that people do not know about.

The important thing before taking food supplements is to understand how our body works and what it needs. At DeltaO2, we explain everything to you and propose high quality products developed by one of the best American research and innovation centers (Hughes Center For Research and Innovation - Nature's Sunshine) under the brand SYNERGY WORLDWIDE.

In addition, our cells live in an environment formed by our body fluids, with their well-defined pH. These fluids (intra- and extracellular, synovial, cerebrospinal, lymph or plasma) are the WATER we drink every day that constitutes them. Almost 65% of our body is water.

The daily water consumption is calculated according to weight, climate and physical activity that we practice with our lifestyle. It is essential to drink the quantity and quality of water every day. DeltaO2 distributes one of the most naturally alkaline water in the world (from Portugal - Monchique water): ph9,5.

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