Nourishment is not just about eating.
It is understanding why we eat and giving our body what it really needs.

In DeltaO2, we believe that hyperbaric oxygenation is one of the 4 fundamental pillars of health (along with nutrition, sport and rest), so we propose to help your body achieve WELLNESS with another pillar which is NUTRITION with changes in your eating habits so that you can avoid worsening any situation of any health problems. However, for many reasons, it is impossible to get everything you need in your diet. At DeltaO2 we provide nutritional supplements that can help you, from the SYNERGY WORLDWIDE brand. A range of products that, in addition to nourishing you, takes care of the path that takes the nutrients to their destination.

For thousands of years, we have lived on what the land simply gave us. For a few decades now, we have been living on what our industrial world gives us. Our body does not adapt, there are more and more obstacles between the source of our supplies and their arrival in our cells, and we suffer from many diseases.

DeltaO2 concentrates its energy and services to eradicate each of these obstacles and to achieve your wellbeing.

1. First, if necessary, we rebalance the INTESTINAL MICROBIOME,

2. We then re-establish the healthy state of the BLOOD VESSELS,

3. We fight against the SILENT INFLAMMATION generated by many factors,

3. We take care of the filters so that they always remove toxins.

4. We help to maintain a correct pH, fight against oxidative stress, strengthen the immune system,

5. And of course we offer all the nutrients essential to the proper functioning of every cell in the body.

6. We also take care of your joints and skin.

Our nutritional products

SYNERGY WORLDWIDE, an American company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, has researched, assimilated and designed its range of products that we offer for sale on DeltaO2. SYNERGY WORLDWIDE is the sales platform for products manufactured by Nature's Sunshine, an even older company, which was the first to put medicinal plant powder into capsules in 1972. They have their own research centre: the Hughes Centre for Research and Innovation and since 2009, every 6 months, the company receives NSF certification (meaning they undergo an extensive independent audit of the company: a complete evaluation of their policies, procedures and an extensive examination of our equipment and production processes, meeting very drastic requirements). Quality is in the choice of natural products in the world's most favourable natural environments without pesticides, from planting to final packaging in compliance with ethical trade standards.

Do not forget that, although we eat, it does not mean that we nourish ourselves. And to fight against all the aggressions that alter the body, we must give it the best tools.

En DeltaO2, como distribuidor independiente de SYNERGY WORLDWIDE, estudiamos tus reales necesidades, te aconsejamos al nivel de tu alimentación. Si, por tus hábitos de vida, no puedes seguir nuestros consejos, o si tus necesidades no se encuentran fácilmente en la alimentación disponible, te aconsejamos nuestros complementos nutricionales de SYNERGY. Están disponibles en nuestra tienda tanto como en la pagina web ofíciale de SYNERGY WORLDWIDE.

Why did we choose Synergy?

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In no way is our intervention intended to replace or substitute the advice of a physician. If you are taking prescription medication, never change your diet without first informing your doctor, as any dietary change may affect the metabolism of the prescribed medication. However, prevention has always been the best cure.

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